Milwaukee Pack Out Cleat For Yamaha RMAX 4

This Milwaukee pack out mount is compatible with all 1/2 cleat Milwaukee pack out products.

The Milwaukee products that mount to it are available on Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot. They make coolers, back packs ,tool boxes, the list is endless. The Milwaukee accessories have a rubber grommet That keeps dust and water out. This mount fits Pack out half cases. You can make different configurations stacking them on top of each other. You just slide them on and they are locked in. We designed them with a very tight tolerance so they don’t rattle like the Milwaukee full mount due to the environment we are putting them in. When you need to remove push the lever and out they come. These are made out of 11 gauge steel and have a outdoor powder coat paint applied that is baked on. This makes it very durable and will last under the harsh conditions we expose our machine too. 

Price: $58.00

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